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8 things to expect from law school


Law school isn’t necessarily all case law and textbooks.

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Long hours in the library, trawling through cases, being able to cite absurdly specific sections of legislation, and being able to win every single argument that comes your way… Except, it’s not really like that.

Sure, you can go down the route of spending 12 hours every day in the library and typing notes in your lectures so in-depth that you develop carpal tunnel syndrome by the end of first term, but that most likely isn’t the best way for you to tackle it.

The reality is that your time in law school should be three (or four) of the most enjoyable years of your life. Expect to make lifelong friends, develop incredibly valuable skills, grow both professionally and personally, but also expect to have a life.

The stories about law students having no social life are not true unless you make it that way, and those who do decide to make it that way are not necessarily going to get better grades, and almost certainly won’t get as much out of the university experience.

So first things first, relax. Yes, a law degree is a big undertaking, but it should be enjoyable, and this eBook will make your life easier as you jump over the hurdles that you need to in order to bag that degree.

Straight off the bat, you need to figure out how the education system works. This means working out how to get the best grades in the most efficient manner. The students with the best career prospects will come out with great grades, but also a plethora of extra-curricular material to boast about on their CV as well as a decent handful of work experience placements. All of this is possible, whilst still maintaining a solid work-life balance, if you know what you’re doing.

If you are spending every waking hour typing up notes from your lectures, reading through texts and nothing else – to put it frankly, you’re wasting so much valuable time.

With all that being said, here are some things to think about so that you hit the ground running.

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